Efficient Browsing

Recommended Browser, Search-Engines and Extensions that keep disturbances to a minimum


Recommended Browser

August 2023

Opera GX

One of the most user-friendliest I found compared to the popular browsers. Either a Gamer or Creator, the features of Opera GX I found are really helpful.


Recommended Search-Engines

August 2023


An amazing alternative search-engine.
Of course Ecosia doesn't offer as much features like some other search-engines and may be not as good for complex requests, but sure offers all the features needed for a basic browsing experience.


Recommended Extensions 
here's where the magic comes in ;)

August 2023


It is a wide featured tool for Watch-Parties we also look forward to have on our Discord Server.
Watch2Gether also offers great tools to manage rooms and administrate them.

August 2023

Dark Reader

Following extensions are perfect for finetuning your browser experience.
Dark Reader for example is perfect to save your eyes and (computer-)power in the most common situations.

August 2023

Audio Compressor 

Integrated Compressor for a balanced audio experience on most sites.
Audio Compressor also provides a preset function to apply it on a specific website.
Perfect for audio sensitives (and deaf people).
The "Medium" Preset works out well most of the time.
With a lower limited audio the "High" Preset may have to be selected.

*Device (audio driver-)integrated effects will probably offer a better quality (for example "Xear Smart Volume").

August 2023

I don't care about cookies

Blocks cookies on most sites
for a disturbance free browsing experience.

August 2023

YouTube Auto Pause Blocker

Disables the "Video Paused. Continue Watching?" popup on YouTube.

Last Words

Extensions can lead to a higher memory usage and may need an improvement on developing side.
here's where the magic comes in ;)

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