This is our brand new Website! >>view in German!

Due to the number of Projects, Members that see the good potential, progress and that are excited about trying out new things, we thought, it would be time to write a little, and create our own Website! This Site is for making people feel safe and comfortable.
So sit back, relax, grab some snacks, while we tell a little story before browsing together on our site!

First of all, I want to thank everybody who's actually reading this. Thank You so much! Thanks to everybody from "Ionos" from 1&1, a German Networking Company for the support, making it pretty simple, to administrate and host all of this. I really see you out there! And all the members of course, that are helping me with this, no matter how much it is. Thank You!

So I really wanted to get my hands on the keyboard at once, trying to be a positive influence for all those amazing people who don't know, how good they look. But seriously... to write, not just write, whatever comes to my mind, but also from heart.
The idea behind all of this, is one day afford to run the service, only by using funds and traffic, instead of ads.

Creating a nice overview about what we have to show, read and to participate. That's all, lets start browsing!








Some of the following projects, we're currently working on down below


We're happy to provide, announce and promote our Support feature. Making it easy for Members and Participants to ask a simple question, subscribe to newsletter, contact other members or suggesting any new features.


We do not tolerate any harassment or differ treatment no matter what origin and sexuality. That's also why we plan to support and provide information about LGBTQIA+. What it is, in all its variety and forms.


This community is not to promote or mention in other communities. Tolerance outside of this community is much appreciated.


August 2023

This site is about going trough a setup for an efficient browsing experience and tools in general that help with disturbance free browsing.

Have questions about the new Site?
Contact us below this section,
or on our Contact site.

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